Are you tired of struggling to find clients?

Being the best-kept secret in your field?

Are you ready to get clear on your brand message?

So you can create the income you deserve?


As a coach, author, or speaker, your message is the heart & soul of your business.

But for many women, aligning the truth of your message to the world with a monetization strategy for your brand can be confounding.

Women favor a non-linear, organic & emotional experience in business that can often make applying (traditionally masculine) niche-based marketing philosophy feel inauthentic to who they are & why they’re doing business.

But what if I told you there was a way to bring your gifts, wisdom & experience together into a powerful personal brand strategy that…

pink_check_markBuilds trust & credibility

pink_check_markPositions you as an expert

pink_check_markGives you clarity on what you do & who it’s for

Ups your earning power by solving a powerful, in-demand problem for people

While also maintaining your truth, beauty, uniqueness & feminine essence?



Kara-noteI’m Kara Gilligan, and I’m a personal branding expert for women.

I specialize in helping coaches, authors, speakers, & entrepreneurs bring their magnetic messages to the world with style & grace…

But also with powerful business savvy that positions them to make 6-figures & beyond.



I work with women who are ready to apply direct response marketing strategies to grow their business online (and off) but don’t want to put themselves & their message “into a box.”

If you’ve been told you need to find your niche (your target market & problem you solve), but…

  • You don’t know what that is
  • You’re resistant to narrowing your focus
  • You feel you have many gifts & ideas & don’t see a clear way that they can come together into one powerful brand
  • And you don’t want to “cheapen” your message & want it to be authentic to who you are

Working with a personal brand strategist may be just the solution you need.




I teach women how to “find their niche” within the context of a larger personal brand strategy that fully communicates their value to the world.

I call this process Finding Your G$$$-Spot (cheeky, I know!), but it’s based on a powerful truth, which is that…

Women are creatively different than men.

For us, heading right for the “money spot” without attention to feminine values like…

  • Beauty & Style
  • Meaning & Connection
  • Purpose & Community
  • Intuition & Essence

Can often shut us down in the branding process.

However, if you build your personal brand from the ground up with attention to these principles, it becomes  not only easy, but also ecstatic to discover the money spot in your personal message.

This helps women feel truly confident sharing their work in the world & aligns them inwardly to receive more press, media, clients, income, & attention through their brand.










Sit Down With Me to See How I Can Help You

If you’re ready to drop the struggle, get clarity & create a powerful personal brand message that positions you for success…

I invite you to sit down for a complimentary Brand Strategy Session with me.

I’m an experienced Personal Brand Strategist who offers not just personal coaching & consulting…

But also creative deliverables designed to up-level your brand online & off.

It’s time to find your niche, create a name for yourself & explode your earning power!