Kara Gilligan is a personal branding expert for women entrepreneurs, coaches, authors & speakers.

She helps women find their niche, create a name for themselves & explode their earning power, using feminine principles to establish  & grow their brand online.

With a colorful & creative background, ranging from copywriting, coaching, graphic design, self publishing and the performance arts, Kara combines her unique intuitive & creative skills with her expertise in online marketing to help female coaches, authors, & speakers craft the magnetic brand message of their dreams.  She and her creative team offer both strategic coaching & creative services designed to up-level women’s brands online, and the results are (according to many) simply stunning.

Kara has a gift for messaging & seeing people’s “market value,” ie: their great gift & purpose in the world.  She can take even the most erratic string of ideas, inspirations & desires & solidify it into a concrete message & marketing plan that truly stands out, attracts an audience & positions someone’s value in the world.

Her sharp wit & creative mind have helped her (usually intuitive, heart-centered) clients land “mainstream” interest from media giants like Forbes & Zest magazine. But the thing she enjoys most is awakening that state of self-realization in her tribe that allows them to shine brilliantly, no matter what anyone else thinks.

When she’s not helping women find their niche, create a name for themselves & explode their earning power, she enjoys pursuing her passions for travel, yoga, & the outdoors, alongside her interest in sacred sexuality & the Divine Feminine, which inform the mission & the magic behind the Find Your G$$$-Spot coaching process.