What is personal branding?

Personal branding is the art of marketing people & their careers as brands. It is essentially the art of packaging & presenting yourself & your work and can involve everything from your personal style, appearance, & distinguishing body characteristics, to your message, market, offers, signature gifts, trademarks and online presence.

Traditionally, the only people who really had to consider their “personal brands” were celebrities & public figures. But as a result of the changing job market & especially through the development of social media & social media marketing, more and more people are finding the need to effectively package, present themselves, & market their gifts to attract clients & other career opportunities.

What is a personal branding expert?

A personal branding expert can be many things, but it is essentially a professional who helps you creatively & strategically develop your personal brand, usually for the sake of financial gain in business or in pursuit of other career opportunities.

Personal branding experts can be professionals in a wide range of fields- personal stylists, photographers, messaging experts, editors, agents, PR consultants, coaches, & marketing professionals- all may be personal branding experts, in one way or another.

What distinguishes one personal branding expert from another may be their expertise in a given industry or specialty skill set that helps you position yourself to gain career opportunities.

What kind of a personal branding expert are you?

The best kind! (In my humble opinion)

I specialize in helping female coaches, authors, & speakers find their big thing in business & monetize their gifts with a magnetic message to the world.

My background is in the self publishing industry, where I got to see first hand the effects a powerful message had on establishing your brand & catapulting your business.

I work with new & seasoned coaches, authors, & speakers to help them find & define what they do in a personally meaningful & professionally profitable way.

I and my creative team also offer done-for-you branding services, encompassing naming, trademarkng, copywriting, & web design, as well as ongoing brand advocacy & management.

I am part business coach, part creative strategist (I’m a skilled copywriter & designer) with an intuitive twist!

I truly do have a gift for seeing the “money spot” in people and businesses.  I love bringing that out through brand strategy, messaging, marketing & design.

I value authenticity & uniqueness in business and and have a passion for helping professionals get their message to the world.

Why would I want to work with you?

You would want to work with me if you…

  • Have trouble describing what it is you do
  • Struggle to find clients & get prospects turning down offers to work with you
  • Feel burnt out & confused, trying to be “everything to everyone”
  • Lack confidence in your professional identity
  • Can make lots of money for someone else, but have a hard time “selling yourself”
  • Want to really find your “big thing” that will launch your career as an expert, author, entrepreneur, coach or speaker
  • Want to become more visible, & attract press, media, & speaking opportunities
  • Want to dramatically increase your earning power & have clients coming to you!
  • Know you need help. Don’t know where to start.

What are some of the results I can expect from working together?

  • Clarity in what you have to offer
  • Knowing who your market is & why they should work with you
  • Feeling completely confident in your message to the world
  • Understanding your brand values & how to use them in marketing & growing your business
  • Increased personal magnetism & client attraction power
  • Increased perceived value of you as the expert
  • Fun, creative self expression in business & life
  • Understanding how your personal values & life desires relate to your brand
  • Breakthroughs in your earning power
  • Loving your brand, feeling aligned, confident & ready to promote your work to the world

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is a coach, author or speaker* who wants to find her big thing, create a name for herself & explode her earning power.

She’s someone who is…

  • Not afraid to take risks
  • Follows through on her goals
  • Takes responsibility for her success
  • Wants to achieve self mastery
  • Loves the idea of making 6-figures or more
  • Is ready to become a stand out expert in her field
  • Is not just ready, but fully committed to make that happen in her business

There are many ways to achieve success, and great branding is not necessarily a part of all of them… but my ideal client feels passionate about her work & cares deeply about the way she presents her message to the world.

She admires creativity & style and wants her work to have a signature branded look & feel that is all her own.

She values authenticity and wants to work with someone who can truly see her for who she is AND help her monetize that with the right message & brand strategy.

She is ready to invest, not just financially, but also creatively in reaching her goals.

She can work with timelines.  Follows through on coaching.  And doesn’t expect me to do it all (its a co-creative process!)

*I also work with artists, musicians, celebrities, & designers on a case-by-case basis.  Inquire if we would be a good fit, and I’m the right person for you.

What services do you offer?

I offer coaching & consulting services

As well as creative services related to online branding development.

Those services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Websites
  • Brand Direction
  • Launch Strategies & Campaign Management

When is the right time to invest in working with you?

When you are just starting out or when you are reinventing yourself.

Great! How can I get started?

Sign up for a Find Your G$$$-Spot Discovery Session and we can explore if I am a good fit for you and the best way to work together.